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Why do I always read your website when I'm hungry? It only makes me hungrier. Really, you should open a restaurant or a bistro or something. I sure hope when I get to Japan I can find food like this. All of this, not just the lamb chops.


I have just discovered this blog and I thinks it is really awesome !!

congratulations from Spain


Shiraz and Viognier? It's interesting. I've heard of that the wine in Cote Roti is allowed to add little Viognier when they make a red wine. you know, usually, viognier is for making white wine, right? I've got a feeling of this wine has richness because the color is dark.

Ms J

Amy, I'm a homesick Aussie & I love this wine!! Where were you able to find a bottle in Tokyo?


I bought it at Nissin in Azabu Juban: http://www.nissinham.co.jp/nwd/
They have several wines from d'Arenberg and a great selection of other Australian wines, at very good (for Japan) prices.

Ms J

Thanks for the info., much appreciated

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